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Winter Roof Maintenance In The Rockies

Here in the Rockies, we love our winters. We have a whole slew of activities that are solely dependent on the snow and ice.

But, while the snow and ice may be great for skiing, ice fishing, and snowshoeing, they can also destroy your roof and interior. To protect your roof and the building underneath it, we recommend some simple winter roof maintenance.

Just taking a few minutes to complete this list could save you thousands of dollars.

Remove Snow Quickly

As pretty as it may be, snow can wreak havoc on your roof. Snow is not only heavy, but it is wet. As it melts, it can seep into unknown cracks and crevices causing damage to the interior of your building. If the melting snow refreezes due to falling temperatures at night, it can lead to Ice Damming.

In any case, leaving the snow can lead to major issues. Not to mention that removing fresh snow is much easier than removing old snow. It is particularly important for you to remove the snow ASAP if you fall into one of these categories:

  • You have a low pitch roof
  • You have received more than 6 inches of snow
  • You observe a massive snow load on your roof

Repair Flashing

When starting your wintertime roof maintenance routine, take a look first at your existing flashing. Even if it was installed correctly years ago, over time it can become warped or even loosened. If it is no longer in good condition, replace it. Neglecting damaged flashing can cause water to leak inside your building. Roof leaks not only compromise the structure of your home but also risk your belongings of damage. Leaks can encourage mold growth as well, which can affect the appearance of your interior, your indoor air quality, and the health of your family and/or tenants.

Repair Damaged Shingles

Missing, damaged, and loose shingles can expose your building to roof leaks and interior damage if not properly fixed before the next storm arrives. If shingles are damaged, water can seep underneath and eventually makes its way into your interior. If shingles are loose, they can be blown away by strong winter winds, exposing your roof directly to the elements.

Clean Your Gutters & Downspouts

Dirty or clogged gutters and downspouts prevent rain and melting snow from properly draining off of your roof. When moisture cannot properly drain, it pools and seeps into any crevice it can find. If the temperatures fall again after the water has pooled, it could result in destructive Ice Damming.

Check Attic Ventilation & Insulation

The roof sits on top of the attic. If the attic is poorly insulated or ventilated it will expose the roof to the winter elements.

Trim Your Trees

Wind, snow, and ice can all contribute to falling trees and broken tree limbs. A falling tree or broken limb can do severe damage to the entire structure of your building. Trimming any dead or overhanging limbs can save thousands of dollars in the event of a winter storm.

Your roof is the first line of defense against winter elements when protecting your home or business. Taking the time to check off these 6 simple winter roof maintenance tasks can be the difference between a fully protected or a fully compromised building. If you do not have the time, or you simply are not comfortable doing these things yourself, hire a professional.

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