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5 Simple Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

As the winter weather wanes and we start to catch glimpses of sunshine and warm weather, it’s important to make sure your roof is in good health and ready for the coming spring season.

Here Are 5 Simple Spring Roof Maintenance Tips to Ensure You Are Ready to Go:

1. Clean Your Gutters

The importance of keeping your gutters free of leaves and debris cannot be overstated. Yes, it is a dirty and tedious chore. However, cleaning these bad boys at least twice a year can make a world of difference in the health and longevity of your roof. Your gutters are there to direct rain and snowmelt off of your roof and down to the ground. If they are dirty or blocked, the water cannot move through them efficiently and may back up and cause damage to your roof and ultimately, if unchecked, damage to the interior of your building. So do yourself a favor and jump up there yourself, or hire a professional to clean your gutters.

2. Trim Trees & Landscape

Trimming your trees and landscape not only enhances the overall appearance of your building or home but also reduces the risk of damage to your roof from broken tree limbs and unwanted pests. Overhanging tree limbs can become heavy and wet with rain or snow and break damaging shingles on your roof and clogging your gutters. Tree limbs and landscape can also provide warm cozy homes for a bevy of unwanted pests. If allowed access to your roof, these critters can work their way into your attic and walls causing immeasurable damage and sleepless nights. Chances are, your town sponsors a Spring Cleanup day where the trash service will pick up tree limbs and yard waste free of charge. This is an excellent opportunity to gather your family or team together and enjoy the sunshine while you tidy up the landscape.

3. Inspect Your Shingles

Oftentimes, normal weather throughout the winter can cause damage to a few of the shingles on your roof. If these shingles are not replaced or repaired, it can cause leaks and further damage to your roof as a whole. Take a few moments to visually inspect your roof for any damaged shingles. Document any damage you see and contact your roofing contractor. They will be able to help you repair any damaged shingles thus preventing further damage to your roof as a whole.

4. Check Your Attic

Take a few moments to make sure your attic is properly insulated and ventilated. Keeping your attic insulated and ventilated ensures that the ambient temperature of your building is not affected by the temperatures outside and vice versa. If the attic is unprotected then heat escaping from the indoors can cause melting of snow on your roof from the bottom and create ice damming in the winter, not to mention unnecessarily high power bills while you try to regulate the temperature indoors. While you are up there, take a look for any critters that may have moved in over the winter months. The last thing you want is a family of squirrels or raccoons making themselves comfortable up there and shredding your insulation.

5. Schedule a Professional Inspection

Just like your car, your body, and your teeth, your roof needs a regular inspection to stay healthy and prevent small problems from becoming big issues. Schedule a free inspection and see where you stand. This will not only give you peace of mind but will also allow you to start planning for any large projects without being blindsided.

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