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Are Brava Roof Tiles Worth the Investment?

The composite materials that Brava tiles are constructed from make them highly durable, weather-resistant, and affordable! They also provide all the class and visual appeal of the original tiles. There’s no compromise here – just quality products and simple installation.

If you’ve been considering renovating your home’s roofing, but you haven’t been sure which direction to go in, you’re in the right place. We’re going to take you through everything you need to know about Brava tiles and their specific benefits. By the end, you’ll be more informed than ever to make that all-important decision. Let’s dive right in.

Initial Cost vs. Long-Term Benefits of Choosing Brava Roof Tiles

Improved Durability for Your Roofing

Brava roof tiles are far more durable and can last longer than traditional ones. A significant part of this is due to their unique composite design. There’s no natural degradation with Brava tiles because of the UV protection built into their design, so even years of direct sunlight won’t cause a breakdown of integrity.

In addition to that, Brava tiles go through a significant testing period with the highest possible quality control standards. They have been tested to withstand winds of up to 211MPH, significantly higher than the average. No matter where your home is situated and no matter how intense the weather conditions, Brava tiles can handle it.

Increased Property Resale Value

Although you might not be interested in selling your home any time soon, renovating your roofing is a great way to invest in your future. Structural integrity is one of the first things prospective buyers will look for. If you’ve already replaced your old roofing tiles with superior, durable ones, your property will undoubtedly be more attractive.

What makes this even more relevant is the lack of maintenance costs required with Brava tiles compared to more traditional slates. Prospective buyers will be relieved to know they aren’t potentially acquiring a property that needs significant work because you’ve already done the work for them. Plus, the enduring nature of this kind of roofing means even if you aren’t selling in the next two decades, you can still rely on the improved value.

A Variety of Styles to Choose From

Aside from the significant practical benefits of Brava tiles, there are also substantial aesthetic benefits. Brava Roofing offers the only third-party-tested and certified composite Spanish tile found in the entire market, so they are completely unique. They also provide the only patented multi-color products, providing a truly unique look to any home they’re installed on.

The three most requested designs we provide include:

  • Cedar Shake: Characterized by their rustic appearance, these thicker roof tiles create a shadow effect similar to the natural offering they’re inspired by.
  • Slate Tile: The classic slate tile is understandably popular but often carries a supremely high price tag. Our composite tiles provide a more budget-friendly option – without skimping on quality in any measure.
  • Spanish Barrel Tile: Another traditionally popular option, many homes can’t handle the original design due to their weight. Our tiles are made from composite materials that achieve a near-identical look without any of the structural strain.

There’s no compromise here – just the exact look you want for your home with all the practical benefits.

More Eco-Friendly Than Comparative Options

Traditional tiling requires a significant amount of construction materials, both in production and installation. It’s a messy process, and the bulk of these materials end up in landfills. We’re all more aware of the climate crisis currently unfolding, which is why we should all do our bit to live a little greener.

That’s precisely what Brava tiles provide. The composite materials used in their design are predominantly made from recycled sources, cutting the need for landfills out entirely. The installation process is simpler and easier too, meaning our carbon footprint is much lower. Traditional tiles are significantly heavier than Brava tiles, so installation is a far more difficult and arduous process. This easier installation results in a lower carbon footprint since the work is completed much quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Brava Roof Tiles Good?

In short, yes! Brava roof tiles are the perfect solution if you want aesthetically appealing roofing with all the durability of traditional tiles. They’re easier to install, longer-lasting, and withstand significant UV exposure and high winds.

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