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Are Composition Roofs Suitable for Colorado Homes?

As people continue to flock to Colorado and the home values remain high, it’s more important than ever to diligently care for your investment as a homeowner. The beautiful state boasts breathtaking natural landscapes, but with that comes severe weather conditions that can take a toll on your home. Whether you’re new to the state and building from the ground up or opting to protect your investment with some essential home updates, it’s important to understand what materials work best for Colorado homes. Here, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about composition roofs to help you find your home’s perfect fit.

What Is a Composition Roof?

If you close your eyes and picture a house, there’s a good chance that it has composition roofing. As the name implies, this prevalent type of roofing is composed of a few different materials. Commonly, the shingles in a composition roof are made up of wood, fiberglass, slate, asphalt, and laminate. Independently, each of these materials offers unique benefits to a home. When combined, you get a high-quality, low-cost roofing solution that can last decades. In fact, asphalt roofs, which are extremely common, are partially composition roofs.

What Are the Benefits of a Composition Roof?

Composition roofs are a popular choice because they boast many benefits to any homeowner. Here are a few prime examples to get you started.


The cost of your roof will, of course, depend on various factors, including the size of your home and the quality of the installation. However, compared to other roofing materials, such as metal, slate, or tile, composition shingles are incredibly affordable! Typically, composition roofs cost approximately $4-$6 per square foot, including installation costs. This is a bargain, especially considering the durability and longevity of composition roofs!


Composition roofs are known for being remarkably durable and lasting a long time, which is important in the extreme weather conditions of Colorado. This durability comes from their construction. Composite shingles are commonly made up of fiberglass, mineral fillers, and asphalt. They also have ceramic granules embedded on the exterior surface for maximum protection. All this comes together to make an excellent choice for your Colorado home.

Rockies snow covered house roof and trees

Weather Protection

In addition to the top-notch durability, this type of roofing boasts even more protective qualities against extreme weather. For example, composite roofs provide excellent protection against UV rays and offer fire resistance. These are essential qualities to ensure your roof will withstand Colorado’s hot and sunny summers, intense winds, and the dry wildfire season.


An added benefit of opting for this type of roofing is its versatility. Composition shingles are available in a variety of colors, textures, and styles, making it easier than ever to attain your favorite home aesthetic. You can even mimic the design of more expensive materials, like slate, to achieve your desired look.

Why Composition Roofs Are Perfect for Colorado Homes

Colorado stands out from other states for more than its natural beauty and friendly residents. The state also boasts some of the highest elevations in the country! Denver isn’t called the “Mile High City” for nothing. While it may not seem like altitude matters when selecting a roofing material, it can have a significant impact on the lifespan and durability of a roof. With higher altitude comes more intense sun exposure and confrontation with the elements, such as snow, wind, and ice – for properties and residents alike. The construction of composite roofs makes them incredibly durable against severe weather and resistant to the damaging effects of UV rays. Composition roofs are also fire resistant, essential during drier wildfire seasons in Colorado. And because composite roofs are affordable and easy to repair, Coloradans can count on their investment for the long haul and save the extra funds for ski season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is something about composition roofs still unclear? Our FAQs will clear up any confusion.

Is Composition the Same as Shingles?

Most composition roofs have shingles, but not all shingles are composition roofs. Shingles are the individual pieces used to build a roof. When looking at a house, they’re the layered squares or rectangles covering the roof. In a composition roof, the shingles are composed of a variety of materials for utmost durability. However, shingles can also be made from other materials, such as slate roofs.

How Long Will a Composition Roof Last?

A variety of factors influence how long a composite roof will last. In Colorado, constant sun exposure, wind, and snow can all impact the lifespan of your roof, regardless of the material. That said, a well-cared-for composition roof can last for 30-50 years. A pro tip to ensure longevity is to choose a lighter color shingle in Colorado, as darker colors can wear and damage more quickly in the intense Colorado sun.

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