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Commercial Roofing Services in Boulder, CO

Your property is the lifeline to your business. Mother nature can wreak havoc on your roof. Trust in Scott’s Roofing to provide commercial roofing services in Boulder, Colorado.

Commercial Roofing Systems

We've got you covered, Boulder!

As the leading experts in roof repair in Boulder, we take pride in protecting businesses with our wide range of commercial roofing services. 

We do it all – from replacements and repairs to restoration and coatings. 

We have a wealth of experience to handle just about all types of issues that could come up in Colorado. From the first inspection to the final review, our contractors are by your side through the entire process. 

Best of all, we usually complete on-site work in just a single day, so you don’t have to deal with major disruptions.

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A Quick Checklist of Things to Consider…

As you decide if you’re ready to upgrade your roof, you will have some things to consider. We’ve done this quite a few times, so we put together a check list to help guide you through the inspection process of your commercial property:

Roofing Contractors
  1. What are your investment objectives for the property and what is the desired warranty length?
  2. How much capital are you willing to invest in your roof?
  3. What type of property usage details do you need to consider?
    • Roof Traffic
    • Visibility
    • Impact of employees/residents
    • Short term inconvenience vs. long term comfort or peace of mind
  4. What is the practical roofing solution based on your property location?
  5. What are the local building codes?
  6. How is your building constructed?
    • Details of roof construction
    • Leaving existing roof deck or starting new
  7. What are your insulation needs?
  8. What kind of materials have been used for your roof deck?
  9. How do you maintain and protect your investment?

Once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll be happy to work with you to ensure that your new commercial roof is as strong and sturdy as the business it protects.

Boulder Commercial Roof Replacements

Your business deserves the best, and Scott’s Roofing delivers just that. 

That’s why we offer a wide range of premium roofing materials to meet your needs. No matter what type of roof you’re going for, there’s a good chance we have the materials and expertise to do it. 

Here are some of the most common materials we work with: 

  • EPDM: Low-slope buildings throughout the US use EPDM thanks to its versatility and durability. 
  • Metal: A fireproof and environmentally friendly material that lasts a long time, metal roofing is a popular choice for many property owners. 
  • Shingle: Many steep-slope commercial properties opt for shingle roofing thanks to its cost-effectiveness, weatherproofing, insulation, and fire resistance. 
  • Silicone: A perfect option for roofs that are in good condition and only require a silicone layer to fill cracks, seams, and blisters to extend the roof’s life.  
  • TPO: Provides protection against ultraviolence, ozone, and chemical exposure; TPO is an energy-efficient and heat-reflective solution. 

Rest assured, you can count on our expert installation and steadfast commitment to quality. That way, your business maintains its best appearance for years to come.

Boulder Commercial Roof Repairs

EPDM Roofing

Mother nature can wipe out your business in a matter of seconds. Hail can dent or damage roofing material, especially poorly installed or outdated roofs. 

An accumulation of snow and ice on the roof causes water infiltration under the shingles when it melts. 

Strong gusts of winds can lift, curl, and loosen roofing materials, leading to complete shing loss or structural damage. 

Persistence heavy rainfall often causes water pooling. This, in turn, leads to leaks and, ultimately, mold and rot. 

Depending on the severity, they can be an emergency, meaning your roof demands quick and expert repair. 

At Scott’s Roofing, our experienced professionals can evaluate the extent of your damage and quickly provide the repairs needed to restore your roof. 

We understand the importance of your business, which is why our team works quickly and with quality craftsmanship so all of your roofing woes are resolved.

Boulder Commercial Roof Restoration & Coatings

When your roof is past its prime, it’ll deteriorate in no time. Eventually, your property will be exposed to rain, snow, and outside elements unless you act fast. 

The good news is you can reverse those effects by restoring the roof’s integrity. With Scott Roofing’s commercial roof restoration and coating services, we revitalize the covering of your property. 

Our customized solutions breathe new life into aging roofs, providing cost-effective alternatives to replacements. We use premium-grade coatings to shield your roof from UV rays, moisture, and hail, ultimately extending its lifespan. 

Even if your roof isn’t damaged yet, it may be prone to it. Our expert team has the experience to access potential areas susceptible to damage. Adding roof coatings can weatherproof your property, reducing the risk of leaks and other issues. 

Restoration is a great, affordable alternative to roof repairs in the event that you need to address specific issues without a full replacement.

Scott's Roofing Commercial Silicone
The Scott's Roofing Colorado Difference

We Understand the Concerns of Responsible Property Managers, Because We’ve Been There!

Many of our Scott’s Roofing Team members have been in your shoes.

We know the importance you place on the safety and welfare of those who live and work within your buildings.

That’s why we assign a Designated Project Manager to provide you with customized options – and the support you need – through every phase of your commercial roofing project.

Our Commercial Roof Inspection Program

Proactive Management for Your Investment

Our inspection program for property managers and HOAs is designed to proactively manage roofing portfolios.

Allowing Property Managers and HOA’s to:

  • Assess damage from storms
  • Determine depletion rates for older roofs
  • Forecast when a particular roof may need to be repaired or replaced
  • Establish accurate budgets for the future

This program provides great value, helping commercial property owners to eliminate the guess work when it comes to the necessity for replacing roof membrane.

When damaging storms occur, our comprehensive inspections and reports will give you the best possible evaluation in order to determine your portfolio needs.

It was easy to set up the initial consultation and each communication afterwards was prompt. We got the roof and gutters replaced in 1 day.
Runy Safcik

We just had our roof replaced by Scott’s. It was a wonderfully easy experience. They were respectful of our property and did a great clean-up job. We would use Scott’s again in a heartbeat!
Roma Adipat

The company was super transparent about everything and reasonably priced for the quality of work. They’re also a Certified B Corp. which added to their credibility.
Bradley Yuska

Why Choose Scott's Roofing?

Wondering how we work? As your partner, we’ll assign a dedicated project manager to guide you through every project. 

Our goal is to make it super simple to work with us. Your assigned project manager guides you through the entire process from property assessment to completion. They’ll help you file your claim and meet with your adjusters, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of dealing with the insurance logistics. 

We believe in full transparency and putting our customers first. That’s why we’ll always stand by our promise to leave your Boulder commercial property better than we found it. 

On top of that, our sustainability strategy is to become completely carbon-neutral by 2030. We install Colorado’s best-quality, environmentally-friendly roofs, using upcycled materials to reduce landfill waste.

Contact Scott’s Roofing today and get top-notch commercial roofing services in Boulder.

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