Watch out for Hail Damage in Colorado

Hail damage happens more frequently then we like in Colorado. It damages our cars, homes, and businesses. When it comes to maintenance on your home, you need to work with someone you can trust!

We are here to help, not storm chase.


When hail hits, many out of town or new businesses will popup to take care of your needs and unfortunately many times these types of business will take advantage of people in hard times.  These companies are here for the storm and then leave sometimes without the work getting completed or worse, even begun.

Scott’s Roofing and Solar is here for you before, during and after the storm. We are a Colorado company that is absolutely committed to providing you with above and beyond service. When a storm hits, remember to hire someone that will always be here, not a storm chaser.

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COVID-19: Scott’s Roofing can still help you with your roofing needs while still maintaining social distancing. Click here for more.