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How To Get Insurance To Pay for a Roof Replacement in Colorado

No one wants to deal with the expense of replacing a damaged roof. However, it’s possible that your insurance will cover it for you.

Here, we delve into everything you need to know if your roof is damaged and requires repair or replacement.

How To Get Insurance To Pay For Your Colorado Roof Replacement

It’s common for homeowners to pay for roof repairs out of pocket, but did you know that your insurance might cover it, depending on the cause?

Suppose your roof was accidentally damaged by fallen trees, hail, or other unexpected events. Your insurance just might cover it.

Here’s some information to help. Remember, the process may vary based on your insurance company, so keep that in mind.

1. See If Your Insurance Will Cover It

Your first step is to look into your insurance policy to ensure you have coverage for roofing. Your coverage will depend on things like your location, your policy, and what caused the damage.

If your policy has roof coverage, it usually pays for roof repairs or replacements. If you have repair coverage, you might only receive a percentage of the cost. Replacement coverage, however, may allow you to use insurance to cover the cost of a new roof if your roof is beyond repair.

Many insurance companies switched to Actual Cash Value (ACV) rather than Replacement Cost Value (RCV) after losing profit on insurance claims rising due to major snow and hail in Colorado. This is primarily because the RCV premium cost didn’t offset the cost of the roofs that needed to be replaced.

Actual Cash Value coverage is based on the value of your roof at the time of the claim rather than the cost it would take to replace it. This means the value of your roof depreciates over time, and cheap materials and pre-existing damage will be factored into what insurance will cover. Often, this coverage won’t cover the total cost of replacing an older roof.

Replacement Value Cost means that, after a covered event, insurance will cover the replacement cost for a roof with similar materials. However, the roof won’t be completely free; you must still pay your deductible.

It’s wise to carefully consider your roofing coverage, especially in Colorado, where severe weather occurs.

2. Contact a Roofer & Document Damage

You should contact a reliable roofer first. A roofing company can help get you the photos you need for the insurance company. In addition, they will often provide estimates for replacing or repairing your roof’s damage.

It’s essential that you take extensive photos of the roof – both inside and outside – to help you file a claim with your insurance provider. If you attempt to do this yourself before a roofer comes, safely use a ladder or drone to help get closer-up photos of your roof’s condition.

In addition to the photos, you should also document the time and date the damage took place with a clear explanation so your insurance company knows you’re not just looking to replace your old roof.

If the damage is from a storm that came through your area, track down news articles that document that. If a tree caused the damage, take photos of the tree from the ground showing where it fell.

Next, consult your insurance company’s website or call your insurance agent for information about submitting a claim. Your policy may require you to file your claim within a certain time after the event. Understand the protocol of your insurance company so your claim isn’t denied.

3. Get Your Roof Properly Inspected

A roofing contractor and insurance adjuster may need to perform their own inspections. If possible, it’s a good idea to have your roofing contractor there for the adjuster appointment, even if they did their inspection already, because the adjuster may miss things, and the roofing contractor can advocate for you.

When the time comes to work with a roofing company, ensure they’re reputable and that they have experience with insurance claims. If they have experience with insurance claims, they can help you navigate the insurance process. Confirm they’re reputable by checking out their website and Google My Business page, checking out reviews from other customers, and more.

Do you have questions about working with us for an insurance claim? Give us a call at 303.469.9287 or submit a contact form for a courtesy inspection. We know that roof repair can be stressful, so we’re always happy to help with any commercial or residential roofing questions you may have.

4. Start the Work

After inspections are complete, your home insurance agent will want to review the quote from your roofing contractor. Roofers will typically need to supply estimates for repairs or replacements with multiple types of roofing materials, including the original materials.

Again, it’s important that the roofing contractor has positive reviews, doesn’t charge too much, and does great work to ensure your insurance agent doesn’t deny the claim.

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5. Stay Away from Scammers

When storms come through, insurance scammers contact people who want repairs done quickly and at low prices. These scammers make huge promises, take the money, and run. They can often look legitimate, but beware.

Don’t sign any contracts and opt to hire a local roofing company if possible, as they’re much more reputable and reliable.

6. Keep in Contact with Your Insurance Agent

Throughout this process, keep in touch with your insurance agent and follow their procedures. The process will differ between insurance agencies, but good communication is always key to success.

As you go through the process, they may want updated time estimates, photos, and other paperwork for further claim documentation.

What To Consider Before Getting Insurance To Pay For Your Roof Replacement

Before you embark on this process, there are a few additional things you should be aware of:

The Process Can Be Lengthy

This process might be a long one as it involves a lot of steps. The steps you need to go through vary based on your policy, insurance company, and your roofing contractor.

Avoid Storm Chasers

Storm chasers are out-of-state companies that come in after a storm to undercut the local roofing company prices. They don’t install your roof properly and don’t care about local codes. Avoiding these scammers is essential.

Your Claim Can Only Be Approved By an Insurance Adjuster

It’s best to contact your insurance company ASAP alongside working with a reliable roofing contractor from the start to ensure everything is handled properly. They will likely send out an insurance adjuster or have you contact a roofing contractor for an inspection.

If a roofing contractor inspects the roof and tells you and the insurance company that the roof is damaged, it’s important to know that this doesn’t mean your claim is automatically approved. Only the insurance adjuster can approve your claim.

Don’t Sign Anything Until Your Claim is Approved

Don’t sign any paperwork until your insurance claim has been approved. Some roofing companies might try to get you to sign something before they inspect the roof. Don’t let them lock you into a contract, giving them the right to your roof without your claim being approved. Make sure you’re following your insurance company’s process.

Know the Law

It’s illegal for roofing contractors to cover the cost of your deductible due to a Colorado Senate bill. Roofing contractors cannot legally pay, rebate, or waive a deductible. If a contractor makes such an offer, they are putting you and themselves at risk of committing insurance fraud in the state of Colorado.

Work with a Roofing Contractor with Experience with Roof Damage Insurance Claims

It’s important to work with a company that is experienced in working with insurance claims, as this will make everything go more smoothly.

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