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Malarkey Letter

Late last year Scott’s Roofing began using and promoting the Vista AR Shingle manufactured by Malarkey Roofing Products.

Quoting from their brochure; “The Vista AR (algae-resistant) is an architectural shingle engineered with industry-leading, sustainable NEX polymer modified asphalt technology (PMA), which combines high-grade asphalt (weathering) with advanced polymers (strength, flexibility) and upcycled materials (durability, sustainability) to rubberize the shingle for exceptional all-weather performance, superior granule embedment, and longer product life.

We began using this shingle because it is by far the most environmentally responsible product on the market.  Malarkey uses “upcycled” material like plastic jugs and truck tires in their manufacturing process.  Because Scott’s Roofing has installed 350 roofs using Malarkey products since last December, the result has been 122,500 plastic jugs and 2,100 truck tires were diverted from the landfill and used in the making of the Malarkey shingles.   In addition, the equivalent of planting 1400 trees has been accomplished because Malarkey uses 3M Smog Reducing granules which harness the sunlight to reduce smog and air pollution.

The Vista AR shingle is also an Impact Resistant shingle, which means two things. First, as the name implies, it is more resistant to smaller and moderate-sized hail, thereby eliminating the need for frequent roof replacements.  Secondly, the homeowners should receive a discount from their insurance carrier, so any increased cost will pay for itself quickly.

Scott’s Roofing is fully committed to causing as little harm to our environment as possible and we are also proud members of 1% for the Planet.    As our mission statement declares, we are in business to inspire individuals, small businesses, and large corporations to positively affect the environment.  We want to lead by example and using Malarkey shingles is one way we can do this.

Please call our office at 303-469-9287 to get in touch with one of our project managers and discuss how Scott’s Roofing can work for you and the wellbeing of our planet.

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