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For more than ten years, Scott’s Roofing has steadfastly served Colorado’s roofing needs. Through hailstorms and sunny weather, we’ve been here and we’re going to be here with you where we all live, work and play.
Scott’s Roofing, founded and owned by Gary Nickell, is a permanent fixture in our community and we’re here to go above and beyond for our neighbors with first-class quality and unbeatable value.

We’ve built our business here and we’ll treat your home like it’s our home.

There are THREE things we want you to know about us.


We put our customers first. Always.
People are busy and we understand that. At Scott’s Roofing, we build trust early so we can be a true partner to you throughout the entirety of the project. We stand by our promise to leave your property better than we found it. We’re with you every step of the way. Before, during and after the storm.


Our quality is unparalleled.
As the leading roofing contractor in Colorado, we select our products and partners with a keen eye on superior quality. Our team of roofing experts are committed to continuous improvement to ensure everything we do is engineered for excellence.


We’ve got a mission.
Scott’s Roofing didn’t begin with the planet in mind. We’re honest about that. But we heard more. Then we learned more. And little by little, we’ve made some big changes over the last decade. The way we see it, why would we do it any differently when we know better? We use products that leave your roof and the planet better than we found it. We don’t waste when we don’t have to. And we don’t cut corners or upcharge you along the way. The choice was simple for us, and we do our best to make it simple for you, too.
There are 6 core values that guide our business each and every day:
  1. We do excellent work.
  2. We respond with urgency.
  3. We are environmentally responsible.
  4. We are real with our customers.
  5. We do the right thing.
  6. We are team players.

The Team

Gary Nickell
Founder & Owner

Gary is the owner and founder of Scott’s Roofing. The company is named after Gary’s son and has been in business in Colorado since January of 2010.

J.R. Baird
Director Of Operations

J.R. is a Kansas native, growing up on a farm just 36 miles east of the Colorado border. He has spent seven years in construction sales and project management. When he is not climbing on roofs, J.R. enjoys spending time with his wife and son.

Marcie Warner
Director Of Administration

Marcie moved to Arvada 17 years ago from Western Nebraska.  Marcie comes from a diverse background of sales, customer service, accounting and bookkeeper experience within the flooring and cabinet trade. She enjoys time with her family traveling and enjoying Colorado’s music scene.

Andrea Cerreta
Insurance Specialist

Originally born and raised in Connecticut, Andrea moved to Colorado 5 years ago and has loved it ever since. She is working on her degree at Metropolitan State University to become a teacher. Andrea is new to our team and also works as a waitress at a bistro in town!

John Williams
Project Manager

John is a Minnesota native with a bachelor’s degree in Business and an extensive background in customer service. After a short stint as a corporate drone, John rediscovered his passion for working in the construction industry and found Scott’s Roofing to be a great fit. On his days off, John enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and son.

Reed Coston Project Manager
Reed Coston
Project Manager

Reed is originally from Arizona and has been living in Colorado for the past nine years. He has been in the hospitality industry for over twenty years and decided last year that it was time for a new career path. He heard about Scott’s Roofing through some good friends and it sounded like a great fit. Reed loves to golf and to spend time with his beautiful wife and two boys.

Barb Baird
Project Manager

Growing up, Barb’s father, Albert, had his own construction company which began her love for the job. She grew up in Home Depot and on roofs as long as she can remember. Nothing pleases her more than following in her father’s footsteps.

Justin Johnson
Project Manager

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Justin moved to Colorado in 2011 because of the amazing weather, the mountains and diverse culture. He enjoys the outdoors with his 2 kids. He started his own residential interior and exterior painting company in 2017. Justin recently joined us at Scott’s Roofing and looks forward to growing with a team of experienced professionals.

Jess Martinez
Project Manager

Jess is originally from NY, but moved to Texas with her mother during her teenage years. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Communication and a minor in Spanish. Jess moved to Colorado in 2016 and immediately fell in love with the state and all its beauty.

Shane Bitler
Shane Bitler
Commercial Project Manager​

Originally a rural Kansas native Shane moved out to Colorado to be closer to the mountains while providing more opportunities for a career in construction. With a degree in Construction Science and Management from Kansas State University, he has continued to build his expertise in the commercial construction industry for the past decade. Whether on a construction site or in the middle of the mountains he’s happy to be outdoors.

Scott's Roofing is a truly exceptional place to work. The culture that Gary, the owner, has cultivated, is one of service, excellence and respect. I'd recommend this role to anyone who has a high caliber work ethic and can handle a fast-paced, service oriented environment.

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